Rules for the Journey

  • Think locally: improve one thing in your community; the ripples we create could change the world
  • Move, do stuff
  • Nurture relationships
  • Nurture sense of place
  • Travel among people: avoid cars and cabs; walk, figure out public transit
  • Appreciate little things
  • Don't waste energy looking back: live in the present, plan for the future
  • Be what I am, not what I was; if I define myself in terms of my former career and past qualifications, I am closing doors on new possibilities
  • Plan then act: chunk it
  • Avoid bucket lists: revisit places you like, stick your finger on the map and visit that place; be surprised
  • Avoid A-list places: avoid being surrounded by disappointed people who only care about the A-list cachet
  • Approach each journey as a prototype for the next one
  • Travel light
  • Leave comfort zone
  • Ignore barriers
  • Find the positive in fails, value imperfection
  • See beauty
  • Look forward, not back, focus on what I am, rather than what I am not. Avoid the word "retired," avoid painting myself in terms of my former profession. 
…+ more rules as I write more blog entries
I could write all sorts of stuff about needing to laugh, recover from mistakes, etc., but that veers into self-help territory. The above list gets dangerously close!

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