Thursday, February 28, 2013

MSP--HNL 2013

MSP--LAX:  I knew he was poison when he reached across my face and tugged on a guy`s sweat shirt (Sweat Shirt was boarding, walking down the aisle) which declared  'Fighting Sioux.' Never mind the good citizens of ND voted that motif down.

"Where's the stupid, angry white person (SAWP)?" tee shirt, I was thinking.

SAWP then proceeded to dominate 66% of the armrest for the rest of the flight. At one point he reached across my face to tap the flight attendant.  Oh well.

LAX to HNL was definitely better, humanity-wise. I sat next to a Fox News commentator from Memphis and we were civil. He also shills for CNBC, and his thing is Big  Banks including Bank of America. Mrs Congeniality, his glittery wife, deftly changed the subject.

But the highlight (LAX--HNL) was my flight attendant. She was a great conversationist, and a lovely person. After my order for wine, she kept coming back to offer more (always declined--hard to believe). On the way back from the bog, I was snagged by her, and led behind the galley curtain. She knew I was hopeless (romance-wise); she just wanted to show me her hiking pix on her (cracked) iPhone. And, she presented me with a (little) bottle of wine, sitting, alone, in a cooler. Dwight: I would've loved for you, her, and her boy friend to go on a hike with us.

And she gave me a high five as I left the plane at HNL.

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  1. Vivid characters! So glad you found connection with your trusty Stew. I'm definitely up for hiking!