Monday, March 18, 2013

Suddenly it's Very Quiet in Lihue Airport

The airport is awfully quiet, apart from the sound of a vacuum cleaner. Most of the flights to the mainland have departed.

Dwight has just gone through agricultural screening, before boarding his flight to Phoenix.

He'll continue on to an unusually cold Minneapolis. Suddenly I'm all alone.

We've had a wonderful time here on Kauai, getting reacquainted with all the reasons it's probably our favorite Hawaiian island, loving it together.

A wonderful time included our final evening, with dinner at Gaylords Restaurant in a lovely old plantation house, before driving the short distance to the airport.  We checked in both our big backpacks into Dwight's flight: total weight 90 lbs of camping, diving, and hiking gear. Oh yes, and three changes of clothes.

We're already planning a return trip to Kauai in 2015.

Thank you, Dwight for a perfect time, even when times weren't completely perfect. We're in this together.

Things break, plans break. The Delta Airlines 800 number, today, explained unemotionally it will be between three hours and twelve minutes and four hours and twelve minutes to reach the next available agent. I am not exaggerating... Aaargh. (Eventually, I called the codeshare partner, Korean Airlines, and was helped immediately.)

Now I need to focus on the next stage of my trip. For those who haven't fallen asleep, yet, here's how I plan to get to Japan this week.

Monday evening, Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii.
Right now, I'm waiting to board a 10:50 pm flight for Honolulu where I'll check in to an airport hotel.  I'm traveling light.

Tuesday morning
Honolulu to Seoul, South Korea, non-stop (about 11 hours).

Late afternoon, arrive Seoul Incheon. (We cross the date line--Tuesday night does not exist.)
Then, a short flight to Busan (South Korea)

Wednesday and Thursday Nights
Stay in Busan. This gives me a full day in Busan to do a hike, walk the beach, and send the boys post cards.

Friday Morning
Take hydrofoil across Sea of Japan from Busan, South Korea to Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan. Kyushu is the Southernmost of the main islands of Japan.

Why the circuitous route? Got it cheap, plus I thought it would be neat to arrive in Japan by boat. Besides, in phase 3. you can take your time.

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