Thursday, June 13, 2013

Travel Fails: Managing Expectations

A co-worker had just returned from a visit to the UK. "How was it?" I asked. "They don't put ice in the water" was the reply. I'd learned enough about her trip, and about her.
Rule when traveling: Avoid making constant comparisons with "back home."
If you don't follow this rule, you end up bringing home with you, which, frankly, diminishes the experience. Take what you experience on its own terms.

Some people should just stay home.
"You wouldn't believe the rudeness when I asked the stew for a pillow"
"The lei greeter wasn't there when we got off our flight"
"I walked blocks before I found a McDonald's"
"All the souvenirs were made in China"
They came all the way from the cruise boat to photograph Spouting Horn (Hawaii).
It was low tide, and the Horn was barely spouting
Things happen when you travel, everything does not meet (potentially misplaced) expectations. But, things happen when you don't travel. I'd rather travel.

Travel is so much richer when you learn from the little fails, then move on. Embrace the journey.

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