Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gathering Gear

12EEEE and 12A.

Today, I'm getting my brain in gear for a multi-day hike along part of the Superior Hiking Trail. To help me plan, I have some useful resources from previous trips.
September 2011 Superior Trail hike: itinerary and GPS tracks (GPX format).
The trail we followed is in dark red in the above map; the Canadian border runs along the top, and Duluth is bottom left. We walked from hotel to hotel, except for one night when we camped.
September 2012 UK hike. I'll modify a packing list from this trip.

We'll start a little further north than we did in 2011. We can travel light because we are walking from hotel to hotel--a real luxury. Our packs, including contents, will each weigh under 14lbs: the packing list from our 2012 UK hike shows, in a spreadsheet, how this is possible. We'll wash our quick-drying clothes each evening, so we will have clean clothes each day.

Traveling light is easy. Earlier this year, in Japan, I wore the same shirt for 10 consecutive days, laundering it each evening before going to bed. This was less fuss than unpacking another shirt, only to pack the laundered shirt in the morning. Eventually even I got tired of wearing the same shirt every day.

[2011 Tracks2011 ItineraryPacking List]

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