Friday, December 27, 2013

Art for Everyone

Spoonbridge and Cherry (Oldenburg), Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
Today, on my walk to The Wedge Co-op to pick up some groceries, I popped into the Walker Art Center to catch their Claes Oldenburg exhibition before it ends its run in January. Afterwards, it struck me there were learning moments for my nephews (5 and 6). This blog entry is for them.
Hey guys, do you remember the turkeys you drew for us for Thanksgiving? We put your art up in our kitchen art gallery.

Well, today I went to a big art gallery, and would like to share some of the art I saw there.

What is this a picture of?

What is funny about the teddy bear?

Could you draw a picture like this?

What is falling out of the bag?

Do you think you could eat the fries?
Why or why not?

Have you ever seen one of these before?

Do you think you could sit on this?
Why or why not?

Would Mommy like this in the sitting room beside the Christmas tree?
Why or why not?

How many letters of the alphabet do you see?

Could you draw a picture of this, or make this with Play-Doh?

Who is your favorite cartoon mouse?

Does this art look like your favorite cartoon mouse?
Why, or why not?

This is a model of a big piece of art.

Do you remember seeing the big piece of art?
Were you on your scooters?
Were you with Mommy and Daddy?

Could you build this model with things you can find in the kitchen?

Have you ever been in a big art gallery?

Have you ever drawn pictures in a big art gallery?

Have you ever met a grown-up artist?

I love your art. Would you draw something for Dwight and me to put on the wall in our home?

I love you guys,

Uncle Tom

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