Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Plain Views of Sado Island

Rice Field #1
Today, I explored part of the plain that bisects Sado Island (an island in the Sea of Japan, off northern Honshu, Japan). Walking on level ground gave my knees a rest after walking up a mountain the previous day.

Beyond wanting to be in the countryside, I didn't have a specific plan. If a side-road looked interesting, I took it.

Rice Field #2, Looking North
Rice Field #3, Looking South
I visited three temples on my walk, including one that is much more "famous" than this one:

Myosen-ji Temple

But this one was my place: it's less shiny than the others, or maybe it's because it was just me and the temple, no other takers.  

Myosen-ji has been in its present location since 1589.

A temple in the countryside, at the end of a narrow lane, surrounded by rice fields, on a little island in the Sea of Japan.

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