Saturday, November 22, 2014

An Old Lady with Attitude

What is this? Surely it's not a hat.

I came across this while reorganizing our kitchen drawers. It's a tea cozy, designed to keep a teapot warm.

It was 1999. I was in Glasgow, Scotland, visiting my elderly aunt. Her elegantly dressed, equally ancient neighbor presented me with the tea cozy she had knitted.

The neighbor giggled as she told me how she had knitted a, ahem, willy warmer for the apartment building manager.

A couple years later, I got to meet the straitlaced wife of the manager. She told me about a friend of my aunt who had knitted something disturbing for her husband. She was not happy with the tenant.

I'll hold onto the tea cozy. Maybe I'll wear it as a hat, should the right occasion arise.

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