Monday, March 16, 2015

From Beaches to Volcanoes

It's time to leave a world of beaches for travel with a bit of fiber in it.

This weekend, in Naples, Florida, I got reunited with my hiking boots and walking shoes and mailed the lesser stuff back home. I'm on my way to Kirishima, southern Japan.

I'll connect to a flight in Houston Tuesday morning that will take me to Tokyo Narita mid-afternoon on Wednesday. That it's such a long day (35 hours with two days somehow mashed together) only adds to the magic.

I have a small carry-on backpack, so I'll dash through immigration and on to the fast Skyliner train to Tokyo's Ueno Station.

If all goes well, I'll have time for an after-work beer with the twin brother of a friend. He's lived in Tokyo for several years with his Japanese wife and young child. I want to hear about his life.

I'll check into my hotel after our get-together: first things, first. Technically, I'm in transit, but I managed to sneak in this layover at no cost.

The next morning (Thursday) I have time for a quick spin through Ueno Park. It's too early for cherry blossoms in Tokyo, but I'll meet up with blossoms further south.

I'll fly from Tokyo Haneda to Kagoshima (southern Kyushu). On previous trips I've arrived in Kyushu on a jetfoil from Busan, South Korea, and a nonstop flight from Honolulu, Hawaii.

At Kagoshima Airport I'll catch a scheduled bus for the 40 minute ride to Kirishima where I will be surrounded by countryside, volcanoes, and good trails.

Distance Miles
Duration HH:MM
Fort Lauderdale, FLL
Houston, IAH
UA 1649
Houston, IAH
Tokyo Narita, NRT
UA 7
Tokyo Haneda, HND
Kagoshima, KOJ
NH 625

Note: I produced the map at the top of this post with Great Circle Mapper. (Thanks Bob.)

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