Thursday, July 2, 2015

My Kagoshima: Getting Around the Region

Navigating Japan is not for the faint-hearted. Most overseas visitors arrive in Tokyo, only to enter a world of alphabets they cannot read, streets with non-consecutive house numbers, and train stations that are the world's busiest.

In my previous My Kagoshima posts:
I emphasized the need to "chunk it."
Kagoshima Prefecture is a manageable chunk of Japan that is as far as you can get from Tokyo by bullet train (910 miles, 1,464 km). 
I picked out three areas in Kagoshima Prefecture: Kagoshima City, Yakushima Island, and Kirishima (the Kirishima Volcanic Group section of Kirishima-Kinkowan National Park). 
I described how to get to Kagoshima Prefecture from the USA
I left you at Kagoshima Airport or Kagoshima City's main train station (Kagoshima-Chuo). Either way, the arrival is manageable: Kagoshima airport has 10 gates, Kagoshima-Chuo has 14 platforms.
In this post I describe how to get from the airport or train station to the three areas of Kagoshima I selected.

Kagoshima Airport Bus Stop

Interactive Map
  • Buy your bus ticket from one of the machines opposite the bus stops. Somebody always seems to be there to help.
  • Go to stop 2 for  Kagoshima-Chuo (train station). Buses that continue to the Express Boat Terminal are indicated in red on the timetable displayed at the stop. [Current bus times and prices.]
  • When you return to the airport from the Kirishima Iwasaki Hotel pay on the bus when you arrive at Kagoshima Airport.

Kagoshima-Chuo (Train Station) Bus Stop

Interactive Map
  • If you arrive by train, take the east exit from Kagoshima-Chuo.
  • The bus station is inside the Nangoku Nissei Building.

Express Boat Terminal

Interactive Map
Jetfoil to Miyanoura Port (Yakushima Island)
  • One hour before travel, swap the ticket for a boarding ticket at the counter marked for your departure.
Bus to Airport (via Kagoshima-Chuo Train Station)
  • Buy your airport bus ticket at the counter marked "Airport" inside the terminal.
  • The airport bus stop is just outside the terminal. Buses are timed to be convenient for jetfoil arrivals and departures. The timetable is displayed at the bus stop.
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