Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hiking Above Clouds

When I pulled open the drapes this morning, I decided to drop my plan to go directly to Kagoshima City. Instead of yesterday's unrelenting rain, sunshine was trying to penetrate mist. It was time for a bonus hike.

I had less than 60 minutes to dress, pack, slow down enough to enjoy breakfast, then check out of the hotel. With minutes to spare, I caught the hikers' bus to the trailhead.
I started walking in mist. All I needed from this day was to put one foot in front of another and climb. Under foot, the volcanic sand, gravel and scree were well-drained after yesterday's rains. My turn-around point was the top of Mt. Takachiho, and I didn't care if it was swirling mist all the way.

At times, the trail was unstable and I had to hang on to rough lava. I was glad I was wearing work gloves.

As I climbed higher, the world slowly slowly revealed itself through the mist. 
A ridge trail allowed me to catch my breath before a final climb.
I felt very alive as I walked above clouds to the top of a volcano.

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