Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Strange Election

I voted early.

A strange thing happened today as I was jogging slowly round our neighborhood lake, Lake of the Isles.

A diminutive older woman was trying to catch my attention. She announced proudly in broken English that she was voting for the Republican candidate for President. "Very good, very good" she declared to prove her case. By now her right hand was over her heart, and I wondered if she was about to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

As I continued my slow jog, I found myself admiring her courage and enthusiasm.

This is a strange election. Normally, days before an election, I would expect to see many lawn signs in my neighborhood for the Democrat and a few for the Republican. This year, signs mostly promote local, state, and down-ticket federal candidates. A few signs back the Democratic presidential candidate, but there is none for the Republican candidate.
I noticed this anomaly a few weeks ago, and decided to walk around my precinct to find one sign for the Republican. I was unsuccessful. I took a bus to a posh suburb and walked around for three hours, back and forth, peering down side streets. There were signs for the Democratic presidential candidate, and for down-ticket Republicans and Democrats, but I never did find a sign for the Republican.

I found myself wondering if people were hiding their support for the Republican candidate. We'll know after November 8.

At least the woman by the lake showed courage.

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