Monday, July 24, 2017

Scenes from a Bridge

I love this bridge.

Built for rail in 1883, Stone Arch Bridge crosses the Mississippi then curves through the Mill District into downtown Minneapolis. When I traverse it on bike or foot, I think of immigrants arriving from the East being welcomed by this scene before starting a new life in Minneapolis or points beyond.

The river provided the power to make Minneapolis the Flour Capital of the World. Over time, the wild Saint Anthony Falls have been replaced by a lock and dam, a spillway and a hydroelectric plant.
The lock was taken out of service in 2015 to prevent the spread of invasive Asian carp.
A hydroelectric plant was built in 1882; it still generates 12 megawatts.
Hydroelectric plant
Today, there are no working mills in this neighborhood. Mills have been converted to apartments, artists' studios, and a museum.
Looking back towards Downtown

Note: Yesterday we reserved a condominium with a view of Stone Arch Bridge and the Mississippi. We'll move in early 2019 when construction is completed.

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