Monday, August 28, 2017

Looking Forward to Winter

It's State Fair time in Minnesota, which means winter is just around the corner.

Winters in Minnesota can be lovely, with blue skies and bright sun reflecting off fresh snow. But there's so much winter: it appears in November, and lingers through April. Some days can be brutally cold.

It's time to nail down winter travel plans. I've planned three international trips lasting a total of 3 months: southern Japan, New Zealand, and (mainly) southern Europe.

I bought my Japan flights using United and Delta frequent flyer miles. We used real money for the New Zealand flights. Miami to Lisbon cost $290 each on Portugal's national airline, TAP. I must confess to splurging $40 extra so I could assign seats at the time of booking. I used Delta frequent flyer miles to get home from Europe.

I'm grateful I can make these plans. ADT (androgen deprivation therapy) seems to be keeping my prostate cancer in abeyance without debilitating side-effects. I can look forward to many days this winter when I can head for the hiking trails.

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