Sunday, October 1, 2017

A Manual for New Homeowners

This week we hand off our house to new owners. In recent days I have been putting together an online manual for the buyers to make it easier for them to settle in.

The display of the manual adapts to the device being used. The following five screenshots show the manual formatted for smartphones.

There are four sections.


Tours are the heart of the online manual. They include about 130 photographs and substantial explanatory text.
Part of HVAC tour, smartphone format.
Paint Schemes

Over the years, as we have had the house repainted inside and outside, my partner documented the paint schemes. These documents are provided in this section.


In recent years, whenever possible, I have searched online for product manuals, and saved the PDFs. The manuals are provided in this section.

More Information

This is a list of places to go for further help.

Note. We used:
Google Sites for the overall framework,
Google Photos albums for the tours,
Google Drive to store documents.

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