Sunday, October 22, 2017

Snapshots: Superior Hiking Trail 2017

Each October we drive up to the North Shore of Lake Superior to hike sections of the Superior Hiking Trail.
Walk to breakfast, Bluefin Bay Resort.
We had a rhythm to each day: we fortified ourselves with a cooked breakfast, then hit a trail. Some days we did an in and out originating at our lodge. Other times, Han, a guide and hiking enthusiast at Bluefin Bay Resort, would drive us to a trailhead so we could hike one-way. 
Early in each hike, more often than not, we walked upstream beside a boiling river.
Most of each day's hike was in forest. My thoughts tended to drift away, while Dwight would notice the small stuff like a mossy log, or patterns in birch bark.
Each day brought special sights. On this day we walked past a beaver lodge in a pond the beavers had created.
The ridge trails would suddenly open up and we would catch a glimpse of a lake with an island, or back country, or Lake Superior standing in for the ocean.
Our hikes typically ended as they had begun: at a roaring river. Time to get back to the lodge for beer, dinner, and an extremely early night.

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