Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Emptiness of Social Media

In the past couple days there have been over 13,000 views of the above post in my microblog. Thirty-nine strangers have "liked" it.

Typically, at this point, there would have been about 100 impressions.

My microblog is an exercise in gratitude for something about each day of my life. I use Twitter as the platform for my microblog. It has a good app that makes it convenient for posting.

I don't particularly use Twitter as a social medium, but I do enjoy it as a way to interact with individuals or organizations via direct messaging. I don't follow people on Twitter, except via private lists.

The driver of traffic to my recent post is Rick Steves, an American travel broadcaster specializing in European travel. I respect him: he travels light, and he tries to understand what he sees without xenophobia. The simple act of him or one of his assistants liking or retweeting a Tweet gives that Tweet a life it does not necessarily deserve. Hence the exposure for my recent post.

The power of social media to distort concerns me. Today I logged into Facebook for the first time in a couple years and deleted my account.


  1. Replies
    1. Yup. I last logged in maybe 2 years ago and last posted maybe 8 years ago. I held on to it because it was sometimes useful to get information; e.g., some organizations make announcements via Facebook. The Cambridge Analytica scandals gave me the impetus to pull the plug. I'm glad Dwight still has an account, otherwise we would not know what was going on in the family.