Life is not all about the big stuff; much of life is about finding joy in little things.

In the full Web version of this site (as opposed to the mobile version) my microblog is displayed in the sidebar to the right of this page.

You can also view the microblog as a standalone timeline.

Daily Micro-Blog

I've set myself some ground rules that I try to apply:
  • Capture something good about the day
  • Emphasis on me doing something that day
  • Try to avoid being narcissistic (difficult when the entry is about me)
  • Avoid reacting to the news of the day; take the long view
  • Include a photograph
  • One entry per day; more when the mood takes me. 
  • It's OK to have no entry; compulsive behavior is to be avoided
  • Respect privacy of friends and family
  • Be me
This exercise forced me to be a little more conscious of each day.
  • It's a great list to look back on in the coming years. There will be no excuse to be at a loss how to spend the day.
  • At some point, hopefully in the far future, I may not be able to walk far; I can look at this micro-blog to remind myself there are plenty activities left to do.

I use Twitter as a tool to implement my microblog. 

You may notice I do not appear to be following anyone in Twitter. This is because I do not use Twitter as a social medium; it is simply a useful tool to implement a microblog.

I choose not to be drawn into this social network. I follow people using the lists feature of Twitter. This allows me to follow people, without being counted as a follower. I don't solicit followers, and I drop followers who appear to have commercial motives.

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